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Friday, May 19, 2006

1 Price You Have To Pay For Success!

What will it cost you to achieve your goal?What price will you have to pay?Well obviously I don’t know you, and I don’t know what your goals are, but I do know this:Whatever your goal is, there is one unavoidable price you must pay.Here it is – Whatever it takes!That may sound glib, but it’s a simple truth.In order to achieve your goal, whatever it is, you will come across hurdles to be crossed and sacrifices to be made, and whether you make them? That’s a decision for you!Here are some examples…Maybe you have to stop watching hour after hour of television soap operas, to free up your time.Maybe you have to get an evening job for extra finance.Maybe spending less time at the pub will free up time *and* finance!Your income may drop at first.You may find that friends don’t like the new you, they see less of you anyway, and they drift away.You might find a barrage of criticism and negativity coming your way from those less motivated than you.Those are just examples, they won’t all happen, you may find that none of them happen, but there will without doubt be some price to pay.You don’t have to pay it though!Like I said, it’s a choice.If you don’t want to stop the TV watching, that’s fine, but then you need to accept that you will not achieve your goal.Likewise, if you can’t be bothered to work an evening job for that neededfinance, accept that your goal will not happen.Even if you do decide that you can’t make the effort, you have made progress, because you have made an important realisation of the differencebetween dreaming and goal achievement.Goal achievement always starts with a dream, and always comes with a price.As a counter balance to all this ‘pay the price’ stuff, don’t forget the expression that ‘the best things in life are free’.If you *are* prepared to pay the price for your goals, you will enjoy an increase in self-esteem, excitement, happiness and all-round well being, which money couldn’t buy!


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