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Saturday, May 20, 2006

anda stress dan masih tercari-cari penawarnya?Cuba try produk ini:

Modern day living brings various kinds of stress into our lives...
Stress can be caused by simple things like irregular daily rhythms and reduced sleeping hours. Changes in altitude and extreme climatic conditions are also known to induce stress...
Depression and anxiety cause emotional stress...
The pressure of daily deadlines, time pressure and even the pressure to succeed are causes of mental stress...
The presence of environmental pollutants, viruses and bacteria adds on to our stress level...
Never has mankind lived in such a goldfish bowl of stress like today...
Which is why you have to take it easy...
You need Joyra.
Joyra’s adaptogenic effect enhances the general capacity of the body to adjust to all kinds of stress.
The tonifying and life-energy promoting properties of Joyra have a long history in Chinese medicine. From a plant called Schisandra, compiled over 2000 years ago in the Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica of China, it is known as the Wu Wei Zi or the ‘fruit of five tastes’.
Also classified as a ‘superior herb’, Schisandra is said to maintain vitality, prolong life, slow down the aging process, and increase physical and mental energy. Its usefulness in ‘boosting the essence of males’ and treating fatigue is also frequently mentioned.
Adaptogenic effect. It enhances the general capacity of the body to adjust to all kinds of stress.
Hepaprotective effect (Liver Protection). Many studies have shown that Schisandra is very useful in treating and preventing liver diseases. Antioxidant effect. Schisandra berries contain vitamins A & E, Schisandrol A, Gomisin C; essential antioxidants that go against free radicals. Cardioprotective effect. Schisandra berry extracts have been proven to have protective effects on the heart tissue in cases of lack of oxygen or myocardial injuries.
Joyra is PIC-GMP standard, a unique product, opening new perspectives for health and supplement food.
With Joyra’s great blackcurrant taste, taking health food will never be the same!

They say revenge is sweet. For a person who loves food, losing weight is a distant dream.
The good news is, science and food technology have caught up with our lifestyle. To everyone who has made you the butt of their cruel jokes, you can now get even! You can choose to shed off the pounds naturally.
Trimra is a product tailor-made for people who want to lose that extra kilos but don’t want to miss out the good food!
Trimra is a blend of two ingredients - Phaseolamin and Garcinia Cambogia, currently the two most popular ingredients around the world for losing weight.
Phaseolamin is the key ingredient behind the majority of today’s carb-blocking products. This ingredient has undergone extensive testing and research, and is the only proven carb-blocking ingredient in the market today.
Phaseolamin is all-natural, an extract from white kidney beans. For decades, scientists have known it for its carb-blocking qualities, but were unable to harness its effect outside the laboratory. Now, Phaseolamin is tried and true, and available to the general public.

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