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Saturday, July 22, 2006

HALL OF FAME mindakejayaan

En Ali Hassan Bin Mohd Hassan
(Al-Ikhsan Founder)

En Ali Hassan Bin Mohd Hassan, a Bumiputra entrepreneur, founded Al-Ikhsan Sports in 1993. He has been working in the sportswear retailing business ever since leaving university in his early twenties. His hard work and dedication to the business is paying off handsomely, as today there are 27 Al-Ikhsan stores nationwide, compared to his first 150 sq. ft outlet in Holiday Plaza back in 1993.

En Ali's belief in giving the best value to customers ensures his success. His business philosophy translates into providing sportswear products and services that are affordable, exclusivity and of high quality. Indeed, he has succeeded to the extent that the general public, especially in his home state of Johore, readily identifies the Al-Ikhsan brand name as synonymous with sportswear and football.

In his personal capacity, En Ali is also actively involved in social work especially in the rural areas of Peninsular Malaysia.

His History

In 1993, Al-Ikhsan Sports was formed with a single store in Holiday Plaza , Johore Bahru. It has since grown to 27 stores in Johore, Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam. The Company started as a single Sole Proprietorship and each new store that was opened was individually registered as Sole Proprietorships also. Later on, for tax and administrative purposes, a Private Limited Company, Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd was set up.

Initially, the business started off as a general sportswear outlet. As the business grew, En Ali found that there was a demand for specialty shops, dealing in soccer, basketball and other sports. As a result, he began to set up stores catering to these niche markets. Today, there are two Adidas Boutiques, two Nike stores, six Soccer Concept stores and 4 General Sportswear stores.

Credit:al-ikhsan's official website
Picture'c copyright:Al-ikhsan's official website


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