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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Top 5 Secrets of What Successful People Do.

Tired of looking what methods are really suit with yourself to success?This is the answer:

After doing some researching and experiencing it,these are the method that successful people are used t o do everytime to keep them more successful for each coming days.

1.They have clarity goals.
-Have a goal doesn't make sense.In order for you to achieve your dreams is you need to have a clarity goal.So what's clarity goal actually?Be specific.Lets take an example:If you want to achieve financial freedom at your 30's,then your goals must not solely about achieving financial freedom when your age reach 30's.You must set yourself what kind of financial freedom do you want (is it with or without happiness,you want achieve it before or after marriage,etc.).You must set what source you can use in obtaining income in road of achieving your financial freedom,(e.g. Property investment,business,etc.).

2.They do things consistently.
-After having a clarity goal,then the next step is consistent acts.Certainly they cannot doing exactly the same thing everyday but what they do is things that benefit them in order to achieve their goals.Discipline can be the main factor here.They work persistently,but at the same time they are also have the sense of flexibility when they are in inappropriate works.

3.They experience failure first.
-What do succesful people are difference from the others was they have gone through lots of failure that compelling them to work harder.But bear in mind that unsuccessful people do experience with failures,but what differenciates them with successful people?-The way they treat failures.Successful people don't take failure as obstacles in achieving their dreams.Theyturn failure to feedback and study back what's the cause of the failure,then they change their strategy in some other ways that can possibly used to achieve their dreams.Unsuccessful people would easily giving up after such failures.They lay blame to others and didn't take necessary works to cope with their failures.

4.They responsible for themselves.

“Don't wish that things were better,wish you were better”
Jim Rohn

-Successful people have the inner belief system that they are responsible for everything they are involved in.They take responsibility on how they feel.The fact is,people would feel upset because they are choosing to be upset.That is the same with feeling excitement.Successful people always choose to be excited to themselves.They are also choose to feel empowered and positive even when they are in the most dire of circumstances.Again,people are responsible for themselves to feel excited,happiness,and posivite or upset,negative thinking,and giving up easily.The way people think and feel is the driving force that leads them whether to responsible to feel excited of upset.

5.They take action.
-There is no use even you attend hundreds of seminar,spending thousand bucks buying books,tapes,and self course if you don't take action.You have taken the first action to success by buying that kind of things but that is still not enough.Successful people again,they take action on what they belive they can do it.Once they st a clarity goal on what they would become or achive,they start to take action.They are not just having a clarity goals,but thay act to their goals,they live within it,up until they achieve what they want to.So taking taking action plays the greater role in order people to success.There is no use if they have dream to achive financial freedom when they reach 30 years old but they still work at the same pace and place that are impossible for them to achieve that goal.Action here is necessary,whether they can do property investment or in stock market,or doing business.Again,taking acton action is the mother of achieving success.After all,the bigger your dreams the more action you need in order for you to achieve it.


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