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Thursday, November 16, 2006

"This Is Paid Reviews"


About last week I visited one of my favourite blog in Malaysia,www.szab.net/blog owned and maintained by a successful online advertiser,Alang,he wrote a review about one online advertising system that he just signed up.That mentioned website is ReviewMe.com,an online advertising system that will revolutionarize the conventional method of internet advertising.

So what's the catch with ReviewMe.com?

Actually the system is just simple enough.If you have blog(s),whether it's general blogs,niche blogs etc.2,ReviewMe will offer to you to submit your blogs and if your blog is chosen by advertiser to get their products be review on your blog,then you would get paid out of writing that advertiser's product review.

The best thing here is,it's not necessary to write only positive review.Yup,you don't need to be biased on your review.That's fair enough for me in terms of benefiting the costumers.

ReviewMe also will pay you when you write a review about them on your blog,just as what I do right now.This is a paid review and I will be paid once I finished writing this review and submitted the url to them.The amount that you will get is depends on the value of your blog.Let's say your blog's value is $50,ReviewMe will pay you half of your blog's value for every review you write.But bear in mind that only there's invitation to review certain products will ensure that you will get paid.

ReviewMe only gives you 48 hours after you submit your on which blog you will use to write the review on them.

This is quite easy yet simple to earn money,especially if you have already owning blogs that having maintain traffics every single day.

You may visit ReviewMe at www.ReviewMe.com .


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